Wonderful villa for a dream stay near Florence
Very close to Chianti, Siena and San Gimignano


An experience for all five senses

Meet Jamal

Owner and Chef of Villa Poggio di Gaville

la cucina è


Some of my dishes

8 years ago I decided to completely change the course of my life. I left my job in commerce to pursue my dream: open up an "agriturismo" in Chianti, living in close contact with nature and with people, giving more space to my passion - cooking - which is also the source of my energy.

For me, cooking represents an ongoing search for new flavors, new tastes, new experiences.

My hope is that all my guests are satisfied and impressed with the creative versions of Tuscan dishes I present before them, exclusively using fresh local, organic ingredients and served either in the restaurant or garden when weather permits. The villa is decorated with objects I've acquired in my travels in over 42 countries across the world so, in the end, this reflects the intercultural philosophy and spirit I've sought to create in the agriturismo.

I wholeheartedly invite you to become one of our guests and enjoy the unique experience in hospitality, relaxation and pleasure we can provide.

Hope to see you soon,

Dine with us

Every night Jamal invites you to dine with him with a four courses menu prepared with fresh local ingredients and the best Chianti wines selection.

Cooking Courses

Courses of Tuscan and Mediterranean cuisine

Courses of Tuscan and Mediterranean cuisine held by Jamal Amin, owner and international chef and other expert Italian chefs. Organization of ceremonies, parties, theme evenings and special events.

My courses are rather untraditional in approach. The participants experiment with cooking in a hands-on workshop situation using all of their 5 senses:

  • touch for kneeding;
  • smell to identify the ingredients;
  • taste and sight to present the dishes in an appetizing way;
  • hearing – because it all happens to the rhythm of music.

Team-building courses for companies

As well as cookery courses, I also offer company team-building courses ‘Action learning by cooking’ to help train participants in creative thinking outside their daily work contexts.

Cooking serves as an excellent metaphor to build teams while facing real cooking challenges that demand new skills. These can then be trasferred back to the workplace.

Cooking as a way to increase collaboration between team members and develop creative thinking.

Article "Jamal, la cucina è amore" by Marina Matteini on "Gola Gioconda" | Download PDF

This unique culinary experience invites you to put your 5 senses to use. You will be involved in all the stages of preparing a typical Tuscan dinner: getting the fresh produce from the locals, preparing the dishes, presenting them in an attractive way for dinner and then, of course, enjoying them with a glass of Chianti wine whilst commenting on your ability as chefs! Then to bed for a good rest.

The wine cellar

The Chef has selected his wines from two prestigious wine producers in the heart of Chianti between Florence and Siena - Nozzole and Casagrande. These wines include Brunello di Montalcino, Donna Claudia, Bolgheri Chianti Classico amongst others. Their characteristics provide the perfect match for the cuisine of the Agriturismo.

Villa Casagrande - The Farm

The shop which directly sells on tap or bottled wine and oil, is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 9.00am until 12.30pm and from 3.00pm until 5.30pm. Outside these times, the reception desk can provide you with all necessary information.

Tenuta di Nozzole - Winery Tours & Tastings

Daily guided tours, mornings at 11.00 a.m. and afternoons at 3.00 p.m. - Other times can be arranged upon request. Please book in advance. Tour lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Our products

Extra virgin olive oil

The hills of Gaville are blessed with rich, sun-soaked earth ideal for the cultivation of olives and it is here, in one of the most celebrated areas for the production of biological extravergine olive oil, that we cultivate our own olives. We harvest our olives the natural way, by hand, calling on the help of local villagers, friends and any guest at the agriturismo who is eager to partake in an unforgettable Tuscan experience. Together we take the olives to the 'frantoio' (mill) where they are cold-pressed.

Come visit us at the olive oil festival in Gaville. The day's toil is then celebrated with a special 'festa' in the village of Gaville where local dishes such as ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, bruschetta and focacce are prepared for all, garnished, of course, with oodles of our 'olio nuovo' and a touch of 'amore'.


We are proud to present our collection of top quality honey named after the plants from which the bees collect their nectar:

  • Miele naturale di Acaccia;
  • Mille fiori;
  • Mille fiori del Bosco;
  • Miele di Castagno;
  • Miele di Tiglio;
  • Miele di Manna.

At Villa Poggio di Gaville we use honey instead of sugar in many of our dishes such as:

  • Fillet with orange and honey;
  • Pecorino cheese sformato with pear and honey;
  • Chocolate cake with honey;
  • Duck breast with wild fruit and honey.

Honey also cures. 3000 years ago it was used as the basis of many medicinal recipes. Here are two examples:

  • For Coughs - 500g of honey mixed with 300g of butter and 100ml of grappa. Take two spoonfuls every morning.
  • To increase male sexual potency - mix 500g of honey with 50g of walnuts, 200g of ginger and 20ml of pappa reale. Keep in the fridge. Take once a day.

A wiseman from Gaville once said "if I had not eaten honey everyday I would have died twenty years earlier". Try it to believe it. Every morning before breakfast, take one tablespoon of honey in warm water and begin to enjoy its effect.

Activities in the villa and outside